How to develop a relationship of trust with our children?

Trust with our children

How to develop a relationship of trust with our children?

Gain the trust of our children is the product of a continuous approach and delivery of love. Communicate in the family means having time to talk with our children, do activities together and listen to them when they need us.

  • Dedicates time
  • Do not pressure; let them do the talking about a topic that interests them
  • Let them know you’re near them to listen and help
  • Dales security and feel loved and accepted, do not react with anger or judge
  • There will always be a prudent and positive solution to solve the problems
  • Never betray the confidence of your children!
  • It is important to talk honestly and wisely

Trust with our children

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Or combine work and responsibilities with moments of fun, this way will make the relationship between parents and children is fully trusted.

Share time with your children. Achieving the confidence of our children depends less on “good techniques” that a good prior relationship. And good relationships take time. A shared activity may be work or entertainment: fixing something in the house, washing the dishes, walking out together, etc. You cannot expect our children to have confidence in us out of nowhere. They need a natural context, and that means spending time together.

Ask your children things they want to talk. One way to gain the trust of our children is to ask them what they would like to tell or know. Recent research, conducted with children about the issues that most interested them talk with their parents, gave the following topics: About the lives of their parents, emotional themes, games and hobbies etc.

Good time to talk. Bedtime can be a very good time to share, have some experiences of the day, talk about some problems. When the lights are off, barriers tend to disappear. It is easier and speaks with the language of affection.

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Also when the family meal is an opportunity they are generally all and where you can ask about has happened to them during the day, have new interests, friends etc.

Open communication channels. If the channels of communication open trust our children will be much higher, Children feel in confidence, they loved, valued and proud when they are listened carefully and are given the opportunity to explain.

Good humor, serenity, patience, need, hear, spend time, recognize their limitations, highlight the virtues are important elements to earn the trust of our children.

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