Simple Exercises Can Improve Your Horse’s Ride Performance

Simple Exercises Can Improve Your Horse’s Ride Performance

Successful riders know about the four basic components of show jumping. You need the correct rider position, impulsion, relaxation, and confidence on the course. If you want to be more effective on the jumps, here are a few exercises that you can do with your horse.

20 Meter Jumps

Meter jumps are simple exercises for your horse. You can place two vertical poles on the opposite sides of the 20-meter circle. The horse should canter over the poles. It is important to keep the correct position. The horse should be bent and have a steady rhythm in the jumps. You should be counting the horse’s strides as well. This exercise can be physically exhausting for your horse. You should only complete three or four circles before giving the horse a rest.

Rail Footwork

This exercise will require you to create a gymnastic line. You can set up a cavaletti in front of a square oxer. The horse will need a forward canter to completely clear the oxer and cavaletti. Rail footwork exercises help the horse to judge the jumps. The horse should be able to clear the jumps without any help from the rider. The rider’s legs should remain loose and have contact with the horse. These exercises help improve the horse’s confidence and balance on the course. You can add additional poles between the jumps to make the exercise a little more challenging.

Three Loop Serpentine

The three loop serpentine can improve a rider’s balance. The jumps should be placed on the centerline of the arena. You should always concentrate on the horse’s canter and rhythm. The rider should remain balanced in the forward position throughout the whole exercise.

These exercises can help to improve your horse’s performance during show jumping competitions. You can also purchase your own horse show jumps for additional practice. Exercises can help you to perform better at your next event. With a little practice, you can find the correct balance and rhythm in your next ride.

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