10 additional quick and simple SEO tips for SMEs

10 additional quick and simple SEO tips for SMEs

Search engine optimisation can be a daunting subject; however, these 10 tips should set your SME on the right track.

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Embrace customer reviews

Google gives users the opportunity to post reviews of businesses, meaning that you can not only gain new customers through positive coverage but also become more visible in local searches.

Perfect image use

Embedding images on your site is essential, but there are good and bad ways to do this from an SEO perspective. Adding a unique title and alt text that describes what is in the image will help a lot.

Harness analytical tools

Google Analytics is a great, free toolset that you can use to monitor your site and see how it is performing. Working with a firm such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/search-engine-optimisation-seo.html, an SEO agency in Dublin, will let you get to grips with all the advantages it affords webmasters.

Consider the user experience

In the age of the smartphone, all websites must be optimised to display properly on portable devices. Mobile-friendly sites that have great UX at their core will float to the top of Google’s SERPs more easily.

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Use my business correctly

Ensure your business profile on Google is up to date with contact details, opening times, images and other relevant information.

Capitalise on inbound links

The more sites that link to your pages, the better your search rank will become – provided the links are reputable and relevant. Use platforms such as Majestic to check this and stay on top of linking, fixing broken links where relevant.

Leverage original page titles

Every page on your site should have a concise, unique title so that it is more likely to be clicked when it appears as a result on Google.

Be patient

Rushing into SEO and expecting instant results is a mistake; instead, you should accept that it may take a while for things to turn around for your site.

Try paid ads

Paid search is a good way to kick-start traffic volumes for your site; in addition, it gives you an opportunity to find out about the impact that different keywords can have on SEO.

Don’t copy content

When adding descriptions for items that you sell to your site, avoid copying and pasting the content provided by the manufacturers; instead, write your own descriptions to avoid being penalised by Google.

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