3 Steps to Increasing Your Employees’ Motivation

3 Steps to Increasing Your Employees’ Motivation

Keeping your employees engaged in their jobs is crucial to ensuring your business’s success. When they don’t care about what they’re doing, they don’t try their best, and your company’s overall productivity and efficiency suffer. Take these steps to ensure that everyone is motivated to work hard.

1. Check on Your Remote Employees

If you have people working from home due to health concerns or spacing issues thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic, you know how hard it is to ensure remote employee engagement. Reach out to all your remote workers personally and ask how they and their families are doing. Emphasize the importance of their health over their physical presence at work, and be flexible about deadlines, especially if they have little kids. Don’t forget to include them in important meetings at work through Zoom or another videoconferencing tool.

2. Offer Incentives

Once people have had their jobs for a while, it’s challenging to stay motivated. Shake things up by offering long-term incentive programs. For example, offer a gift card to the person with the most sales each month, and upgrade the prize to a paid day off for the quarterly or yearly winner.

3. Get To Know Your Employees

If your employees see you as the boss who just cares about profit, they don’t care as much about working with you. However, if you get to know them and develop personal relationships with them, they’re more invested in your goals. You don’t need to be best friends with everyone, but you should know everyone’s name and a few hobbies or interests so you can engage in small talk.

By taking these three steps, you increase your employees’ investment in your company and create a community. Putting people first isn’t a common business tactic, but it’s one that’s bound to succeed.

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