3 Tips to Guide Office Design

3 Tips to Guide Office Design

Whether you run a small business or Fortune-500 company, your business’ office space is vitally important to the success and happiness of your employees and the organization as a whole. Maximizing this space can help set the tone for your company culture. Below are several aspects to consider when moving, renovating or redesigning your workplace.

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Employee safety and well-being should always be a top priority in any aspect of business and the physical workspace is no different. With this in mind, installing sanitation stations, touchless paper towel dispensers and other health-conscious appliances can reduce the risk of illness. For emergencies, having proper fire-safety equipment and tactical solutions could also prove crucial to prevent harm.


Creating a welcoming and comfortable workplace helps to create an environment where employees want to be each day. Providing simple amenities such as comfortable desk chairs, coffee varieties and a break space can help to make your staff feel more content and ready to be productive. Offering up to date computers and other technology also increases can also keep staff happy while reducing downtime for technical maintenance.


Another large part of the office setup equation is the layout of individual workspaces. Will you have cubicles? If so, how high will they be? How many offices are there? These are all important questions to answer before beginning your move. Carefully planning the orientation and proximity of your desks and workspaces will have an impact on day-to-day operations. This will set the tone for work each day. High cubicles offer added privacy, but less access to coworkers. Lower or no cubicle walls enables more collaboration but increases the intrusive sound. The type of work you do and the environment you wish to foster should be primary factors when making these decisions.

Remembering to design with these considerations in mind can help make the best of every workday!

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