4 Systems to Maintain in Your Workplace

4 Systems to Maintain in Your Workplace

To make a profit, your business must keep up with your customers’ orders and fulfill them in a timely manner. However, this task is essentially impossible if your machines break down. To prevent enormous reductions in your profit, fix the following systems as soon as they break.

Chemical Storage Areas

When chemical storage containers break, they present a hazard not only to your income but also to your health. Clear the area where a chemical spill occurs and follow all protocols specific to that substance. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can either fix the container with plastic welding repairs or buy a new one. When you look for new ways to store your chemicals, make sure that they are federally approved to avoid further chemical spills.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Your employees need to maintain a certain level of comfort to do their jobs efficiently. Heating is not usually a problem for most manufacturing plants, since the machines produce excess heat, but if your air conditioning breaks, you must replace it immediately. Have fans on hand to provide backup, and call the repair company as soon as possible.


Much like chemical spills, plumbing emergencies cause damage quickly and without warning. When your sinks and toilets flood, the water damages your flooring, furniture, walls and infrastructure. Keep equipment that is not waterproof away from all sources of water. Once you call a plumber, he or she may shut off your water to fix the problem. If so, provide an alternative source of water for your employees such as jugged or bottled water, and find another place for them to use the restroom.

Fire Safety Systems

The services that keep you safe from fires include fire extinguishers, fire alarms and sprinkler systems. Regularly inspect these items to ensure that they are in working order. If a fire occurs, you do not want to grab your fire extinguisher only to have the fluid fizzle out in a stream because it expired six years ago. Contact your local fire department for tips on improving these systems’ longevity, and replace them whenever is necessary.

To keep your company operational and up to safety codes, you need to maintain these systems. Never hesitate to call a repair company because of the cost; in the long term, you will save money and make your work environment a healthier place for you and your employees.

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