4 Techniques to achieve success

4 Techniques to achieve success

Success in life is possible, especially if you can apply these 4 techniques in your life. And as I always say, with proper managerial skills, determination, dedication and discipline the results will come when you least expect it. In fact, there is a method, a modus operandi so to speak, that can lead each of us to achieve truly significant professional and personal goals.

What do you think about it? I would like to know your opinion about it but before that learn these 4 techniques to achieve your goal.

1# Win and Win

Covey compares personal interactions to our bank account. Every gesture of affection, availability and respect represents a payment. Every rudeness, claim and manifestation of disinterest is a withdrawal. When you love your account, when you don’t love picks. Clear, isn’t it? If you make a mistake but have always shown yourself generous towards others, you will most likely be credited with credits. While if you act with arrogance and greed, you will not have sufficient credits when you make mistakes. Keep reading sites like omegle.

Here are some positive gestures that you could start using in your relationships with others, in order to “win” and “win” …

  • Understanding the people around you, that is respecting and understanding their priorities, interests and ideals;
  • Be polite, courteous and don’t try to abuse yourself ;
  • Keep your word : a promise must always be respected;
  • Excuse yourself sincerely when you’re wrong.

2# Understand and Understand

One of the biggest communication problems is that we often don’t understand others and we are not able to make ourselves understood. This happens because we reason in the wrong way, always putting ourselves in front. We make evaluations, we agree or disagree. We judge thinking that our point of view is right. We provide advice based on our experience. We interpret based on our motivations. In other words, we are always the center of an action.

First, instead, you must learn to understand others, through the technique of active listening, then you can formulate your thoughts. When someone speaks to you, instead of having the conviction of having understood, repeat in your own words what he said, asking him if you are not misrepresenting his ideas. Basically, first you need to check if you understand or just interpret it in your own way, and then you have to make yourself understood by saying what you think.

3# Act in Synergy

Once an effective communication has been established with others, it is time to join forces and achieve the goals set. None of us can achieve important objectives and key results if we don’t know how to work in a team. “Synergy” means looking for an alternative, a solution, a compromise that does not penalize anyone, but on the contrary is beneficial to all.

We wants to push you not to see things only from your point of view, but to understand that of others. Having different visions is a problem only if you want to impose your position on others, but in reality, even more points of view can bring new ideas and maybe better ideas than yours. Synergy then means just that: winning together looking for a viable alternative route. After all we know: union is strength!

4# Sharpen The Blade

What does it mean to sharpen the blade? It means recharging the batteries, finding the right energy to put into practice the techniques analyzed so far every day. Renew yourself constantly and remain mentally receptive.

The summary is a sort of positive spiral that you can create, taking into account the suggestions previously analyzed. To continue progressing, you must learn, commit and renew yourself day after day. A knife to cut at its best must be sharpened continuously.

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