4 Types of Holsters and How To FInd the RIght One for Your Handgun

4 Types of Holsters and How To FInd the RIght One for Your Handgun

Shopping for a holster isn’t as simple as you might expect it to be. What type works best for you will depend on the type and size of firearm you plan on carrying, your clothing preferences, and how quickly you think you might need to withdraw your weapon. Learning the benefits of common types of holsters can help you narrow your selection.

1. Pocket Holsters

A very popular option for concealed carry fans, a pocket holster keeps your firearm safely in your pocket. You’ll know exactly where it is without having to fumble in a deep pocket or worry about accidentally snagging the trigger with your car keys.

2. Shoulder Holsters

Dirty Harry fans rejoice, the shoulder holster is alive and well. If you plan on carrying a heavy firearm, a shoulder holster can help distribute the weight over several major muscles. If you are looking for discreet, this may not be the best way to go, though, since any clothes that lean toward form-fitting will result in a telltale bulge on your side. It may also be a little bit of overkill if you have a smaller handgun that is designed for a more discreet carry method.

3. Waistband Add-Ons

This is probably the most popular location to wear your firearm. You can choose one that fits inside your waistband for concealed carry, or open carry with one on the outside. Many law enforcement agencies issue waist holsters for their officers. Competition holsters are also often worn at the waist because they are accessible and can be drawn quickly and easily.

4. Ankle Holsters

An ankle holster is a convenient way to carry a smaller handgun without anyone noticing. The natural volume of a pants leg will keep it concealed without any of the bulk associated with some other types. Keep in mind that getting to your gun discreetly or quickly is not really an option with it located on your lower leg.

Of course, you may opt against a holster all together and slip your handgun into a piece of concealed carry clothing or a specially designed bag. However you end up carrying one, make sure to follow all safety recommendations.

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