5 Fashion Tips Every Woman in their Twenties Should Know

5 Fashion Tips Every Woman in their Twenties Should Know

When you reach your twenties, there are certain things you ought to know with regards to fashion choices and hacks. You’re well out of your teen’s now and you’ve a good few years to go before you hit your thirties, giving you plenty of time to try out different styles in order to find the best version of yourself. Here are five fashion hacks that every woman ought to know about in their 20’s:

5 Fashion Tips Every Woman in their Twenties Should Know

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  1. Know your Colour

Different skin and hair tones suit certain colours. For example, cool skin tones suit the cooler shades of the colour wheel such as blue, black, grey, silver, pink and purple. On the opposite side of the colour spectrum, warm skin tones look great in reds, greens, brown, gold and yellow.

  1. Conceal with a Tank Top

According to www.listotic.com, if you want to cover up some pudgy areas around the stomach, you can do so with help from a tight tank top. The trick is to wear a tank top underneath your top layer of clothing. This will give you an instant and painless tummy tuck, making your figure appear slimmer as a result.

  1. Switch to Designer

When we were teens, we could hardly afford to shop from Primark, never mind a designer store. However, once you hit your twenties you begin to realise that cheap clothing never lasts long and definitely doesn’t look as good as some womens designer jeans out there. Cuba Clothing women designer jeans are perfect for women of all ages. They are affordable, flattering and incredibly stylish.

  1. Tuck those Jeans!

In the Autumn and Winter months, when you want to tuck the ends of your jeans into your favourite pair of boots, it can be difficult to do so without making it look as though you have swollen ankles. A handy little trick is to fold them up at the end and pull your socks up and over the ends to help keep everything in place.

  1. Remove Deodorant Stains

Deodorant stains can be a real nightmare to deal with. They tend to appear on darker coloured clothing and look to be white streaks on the fabric. They are pretty easy to get rid of though and all it takes is a single makeup wipe!

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