5 Key Benefits of Digital Signing-in Books

5 Key Benefits of Digital Signing-in Books

As technology continues to streamline our personal lives, it’s not surprising that businesses are increasingly turning to software to streamline their processes too.

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Digital signing is one area where technology can bring a real step change to a business. Going back as far as 2013, the Forum of Private Business recognised the benefits of this technology. So let’s take a look at five of the key benefits of digital signing.

Cutting Costs

It will be no surprise to anyone that by adopting digital signing you will save money on paper and ink cartridges. However, there are other, perhaps less obvious, ways that your business will save money.

Think about how long you and your employees spend filing and tracking down paper documents. If data from paper documents also has to be re-keyed into another system, how many times have errors occurred when transposing the data? All of these activities incur a cost to the business that will be reduced by moving to a digital system.

Improving Client Relationships

Customers expect business to be done online these days. They don’t want to wait for a courier to deliver important paper documents for them to sign, only to have to have them couriered back again. It’s time-consuming and antiquated these days and can create a negative impression of your brand.

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When clients visit your premises, they no longer want to be presented with a tatty paper sign-in book and wait while your receptionist scrabbles around for a pen. They want to see a Digital Visitors Staff Signing in book like those supplied by https://www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/digital-visitors-and-staff-signing-in-book.aspx.

Speed Up Cash Flow

As it’s quicker and easier to sign and approve documents online, it follows that your business processes will also speed up. Removing the time to deliver paper documents means the turnaround time on contracts and orders being placed is reduced and your cash flow improved.

Automatic Audit Trail

Businesses have always had to adhere to strict guidelines on compliance and had to store records for many years. Digital signing allows you to keep unlimited documents with each activity being recorded in an audit trail, helping with compliance and audit guidelines.

Securing Documents

Because digital documents are stored on secure servers, as long as you ensure the security of your network and infrastructure, your documents will also be safe.

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