5 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out For

5 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out For

Years ago, we typed on computers. Now we dictate to them. And we used to take taxis, but now we use apps like Uber. Just as in technology, manufacturing has also made the shift for the better with companies now able to capitalise on the advancements.

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Selling Directly to Consumers Means an Increase in Profit

In business, there is a difference between B2B, which is business to business, and B2C or business to consumer. This model which is emerging is called B2B2C, or business to business to consumer. If a business doesn’t have access to potential customers, it will create this route via a second business. A B2B2C model has a few key players, which are businesses that can assist with access to potential customers. This relationship must be beneficial to the business with the access to consumers.

Companies Gravitate Towards Internet of Things

Companies are increasingly turning toward the Internet of Things. Computers and related equipment are interconnected; data can be transferred via a network without the necessity for person-to-person or user-to-computer interaction. Access to the internet as well as smaller sensors and the development of cloud computing have made it possible.

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Streamlining Is Key to Success

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is beneficial for small and medium-sized manufacturing firms. The system allows business operations to be automated with real-time information provided. This leads to a reduction in operational costs.

According to Forbes, the manufacturing industry has seen numerous developments in recent years, including the advancement of AI and big data as well as 3D printing.

Surface treatments too are leading the way in manufacturing. Industries requiring Surface Treatments from anodising, plating and spraying to coating can avail of the service from a range of professionals, including https://www.poeton.co.uk/treatments.

Predictive Maintenance Technology Is Key for Companies

An hour of non-production can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds for some larger companies. Ensuring that essential equipment is operational is important for manufacturers, and many companies are using predictive maintenance technology which focuses on performance metrics.

Simplify Supply Chain Management

It’s important to stay competitive while creating value for the customer. New technology is used by those companies that want to make the supply chain management process simple. It’s beneficial as the business will operate much more efficiently, resulting in vastly improved customer satisfaction.

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