5 signs that you need to replace your guttering

5 signs that you need to replace your guttering

You don’t want to rip out perfectly good guttering if you don’t need to, but do you know the signs that it needs replacing? While aluminium or galvanized steel gutters will usually last for around 20 years, and copper gutters for more than double this length of time, there are occasions, such as damage from a fallen tree or general wear and tear, when you will need to keep a better eye on any repairs or even replace the guttering. Listed below are five signs to be aware of.

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Spot checks

1. Look out for gutters pulling out from the roof. If the simple task of hammering the fasteners back in is not sufficient and spaces appear between the gutters and roof line, it could be that the soffit and fascia boards are rotting.

2. If you see a number of holes, cracks or rust spots appearing, these can be fixed by using sealant and possibly a little flashing; however, if you notice many of the sections with this problem, you might have to decide to replace all the guttering. Make sure the gutters are clean and are free of debris before you start fixing the problem yourself.

3. Have any of the sections of guttering been separated? The only way guttering systems work is if they are connected in a continuous fashion. When they begin to separate from one another, it could be time to replace them.

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Ensure necessary upkeep

4. Similarly, if you notice your gutters are improperly pitched or sagging, water will start to pool in certain areas and could spill over. Look out for dirt channels. If this problem can’t be fixed, replacing your gutters or fascia boards with new ones from a reputable company such as https://www.absolutebuildingplastics.co.uk/upvc-fascia-boards/ could be your only option.

5. Keep an eye out for exterior paint peeling away. If gutters are pulling away from the roof, water can flow down into your trim or sidings. If the paint has been peeling away, it could mean that this has been happening for a while and the gutters should be changed.

Gutters are a vital part of your protecting your home. With constant exposure from weather conditions, regular checks are essential for keeping costs and damage to a minimum.

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