5 top tips to choosing art for your home

5 top tips to choosing art for your home

Choosing art for your home collection can be a daunting task. With so many pieces and styles to choose from, take a look at these five top tips for help in making a decision.

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Do your research

The most obvious place to start when deciding what art to display in your home is to get out and see some. Visiting local galleries can give you a good idea of what styles and pieces are available, and will help you to develop your eye. If you know you are after something specific, look online for pieces that fit your criteria.

Listen to your heart

Seen a piece of art that you love, but not sure if it is a good investment? Take the plunge anyway. Art is meant to be viewed and enjoyed, and if you love it then it will always have value to you.

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Be open minded

You may think you know exactly what you do and don’t like, but try considering other options too. Paintings are fantastic for adding colour to a room, while sculptures can bring depth and interest. Prints can be good alternatives to paintings if you fancy trying something a little less traditional. Giclee printing services are available from many different sources, such as from websites including http://www.river-studio.com/fine-art-printing/fine-art-giclee-printing.php, so you can be sure to find a way to include a piece in your collection.

Measure up

It can be very frustrating to fall in love with a piece only to get it home and discover it doesn’t fit where you had intended. Measure your space carefully, and perhaps take photos of the room the art is to be displayed in when you go to view pieces. This will help you to visualise how your new addition will look in your home.

Centre of attention

Decide early on where you would like your new addition to be placed. You want to be sure the room retains its focal point, and that all decor works well together. Don’t allow your artwork collection to become cluttered or unorganised. Art that draws attention to itself for all the wrong reasons is not what you are going for, so be sure to bear in mind the overall look of the space. Perhaps one large piece would fit your space better that several smaller pieces, and vice versa.

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