An Ode to the Bending Machine

An Ode to the Bending Machine

The humble bending machine rarely gets the credit it deserves. From construction materials to aircraft parts, the ability to fabricate metal has changed the world. Here we celebrate one of the tools that enables us to create products with one of the most useful elements on earth – metal. And we’re going to do it with songs!

The Bends – Radiohead

There are a whole host of reasons why a bar, rod, tube or pipe might need bending. Metal that has been bent is required in so many different products, from decorative items to building materials. In the past, the only way to achieve this was by hand. You can imagine how tough and time consuming this must have been. Thankfully, today we have bending machines! Find out more about Euromac Bending Machines at a site like

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Bends Like A Willow – Jethro Tull

Willow trees are known to bend easily in the wind and a bending machine can make the tough job of bending metal as easy as a willow in the wind! These machines have sped up and simplified the process of metal bending, lowering production costs and supplying countless industries with top quality components.

Bend A Little My Way – Nat King Cole

There are many different types of bending machines and some are tasked with producing small parts made from wire that must be bent into intricate designs. This would be virtually impossible to achieve by hand. An operator can enter the instructions into a computerised system which tells the machine exactly how to bend the thin metal or wire.

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Good Times Around The Bend – The String Cheese Incident

The ability to bend tubing and pipes is an essential part of the construction and furniture industry. Picture the frame of a bed or the base of a desk and you can see how metal tubes are manipulated into complex shapes.

Bend It Like You Don’t Care – Tiesto

Bending metal by hand takes time and a great deal of effort. It’s also not very accurate and you may well find it looks like you’ve bent it without care! A bending machine eliminates this problem and is a strong investment for any business, offering speed and precision for a huge number of industries.

Strong Enough To Bend – Tanya Tucker

Some metals are among the strongest materials on the planet with Tungsten being the strongest in terms of tensile strength. However, they can also be brittle, especially when it comes to impact. This is why metal alloys are created, providing the benefits of different metals together. Whilst tough, it can be manipulated into different shapes through a process of heating.

Bend A Little – Jimmy Buffett

Whether you need a lot of bending or just a simple shape, there will be an option suitable for your business needs. They offer a great investment, are easy to use despite their powerful abilities and are a quick and efficient way to create products in demand.

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