The benefits of keeping your guest list small

The benefits of keeping your guest list small

Writing your wedding guest list can prove tricky indeed. You probably know approximately 200 people, but certainly don’t want to pay for that many, so how do you narrow it down? Whilst there are benefits to both large and small weddings, there are perhaps more advantages to keeping your list as slim as possible and here’s why:

  1. Venue Choice

By keeping your guest list to a respectable size, you increase your choice of venues. There is no need to worry about whether a particular venue can cater for all your guests and you won’t be limited with the amount of space you have. With more choice, you’re more likely to find a venue that’s perfect for all your needs. Consider a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire, like

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  1. More Personalised

With less people to attend to, you can make it really special for those who are coming. You could create intricate and stunning place cards, table settings and creative and personalised wedding favours. You’ll have more of your budget for making your day unique and special.

  1. Save Money

A smaller, more intimate affair will save you money, meaning you can scale back on your spending and have more available for your honeymoon, for example.

  1. Focus on Food

A smaller gathering means you can tailor the menu more to your style and put a little more of the budget into having the very best and most delicious meals for your guests. Why pay for hundreds of ok meals when you could provide 50-75 exquisite ones?

  1. More Time

With fewer guests to receive, you can spend more time with those you do invite. Quality time with those who mean the most to you, instead of standing in a receiving line for an hour shaking hands with mere acquaintances.

  1. Relax

With less guests to meet, greet and attend to, you can relax and live in the moment, savouring every detail. You’ll also have more time for dancing, quiet moments with your partner and less crowded photographs.

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  1. Thank Yous

Consider after the event when you are tasked with writing all those thank you letters and emails. Less guests means less time on this arduous task and you’re far more likely to remember who bought you which gift!

How to decide who makes the list:

How well do you know the person? If you don’t both them or they are a casual acquaintance, then don’t invite them.

Would you feel upset if this person wasn’t at your wedding? If the answer is no, then don’t invite them.

Would the person in question be able to attend realistically, taking into account travel expense? You could always send an invitation out of courtesy.

By adding the person to your guest list will you be pushing the head count over the recommended limit for your venue?

Could this person cause unwanted drama, stress or additional tension for you, your partner or any of the already-invited guests? If so, it’s best to leave them off that list.


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