Best Smartwatches On The Market Right Now

Best Smartwatches On The Market Right Now

When smartwatches were first brought to the market back nearly a decade ago, many industry experts talked down on the wearable technology industry as if it wasn’t going to ever take off and it was more of a gimmick. However, as technology has evolved and become a powerhouse, smartwatches are now some of the most popular forms of technology as you can’t walk down to the high-street now without noticing someone wearing a smartwatch and below, we look at some of the industry leaders.

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If you are an iPhone user, then there isn’t a better smartwatch on the market for you than the latest Apple Watch Series 6 which is clear of all other smartwatches on the market. Although Apple has kept the design of their smartwatches identical, only an increase in size, since they were first released, they are still one of the best smartwatches on the market. They have added new colour additions to their latest Series 6 and the functionable and seamless connecting to the iPhone is one of the main selling points to the Apple Watch, and that is without mentioning the fitness and health tracking functions such as their blood oxygen monitoring.

Another industry that has been able to benefit in a similar manor to smartwatches due to the rapid rise of technology has been that of the online casino world, in which you can find some here. These casinos are offering one of the best all round gambling experience on the internet for casino goers, and are continuing to dominate in their market due to the wide variety of bonuses and rewards they are offering to new players.

If you aren’t an iPhone user, and are looking for a watch that will work with your Android phone, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the watch on the market for you. The best watch that money can buy right now if you are an Android owner but will work with the iPhone also. Our favourite feature about the Galaxy 3 is the unique rotating bezel which is the way in which you navigate around the smartwatch and makes moving through your favourite apps a joy. Although the apps that are available on the Galaxy 3 are still kind of limited in comparison to that on the Apple Watch, the sheer design and functionality on the Galaxy 3 is a massive selling point and with it being compatible with a wider range of phones, has certainly made in popular within the smartwatch market.

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