Best windows for noise reduction

Best windows for noise reduction

British laws seem to struggle with the definition of noise pollution. Some court judgements favour those who feel disturbed rather than those who feel they have a right to make some noise; in other cases, when almost everyone agrees that noise pollution is unreasonable, courts use their discretion differently. Runway extensions and new bypasses are painful examples.

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In short, regardless of whether you are concerned about sound getting in or out of your home, you can’t depend upon the law to protect you.

Health risks

It is not all in the mind – long-term environmental noise seriously damages your health. A study of noise around Heathrow found a direct correlation between noise levels and hospital admissions for blood pressure, coronary heart disease, strokes and cardiovascular disease in neighbouring areas.

Noise also distracts children trying to study, disturbs sleep, and is a chronic cause of friction with neighbours. One alternative to double glazing in Evesham is a vogue for silent discos, whereby your guests are obliged to wear headphones. There must be alternatives.

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If homes were better built, we would be able to pump up the volume when we wanted and enjoy a good night’s sleep afterwards. One of the most effective solutions is to improve our glazing. Old windows shield little noise and can even add to it by rattling. Even double-glazed units may be providing less insulation than is achievable.

Cheap frames often lack insulation between the outer and inner surfaces, allowing both heat and sound to penetrate. It is possible to avoid this with a semi-floating construction and better insulating materials.

The filler between the panes is another factor. Cheaper units contain only dry air, which transmits sound. Air can be replaced by a vacuum, or better still by insulating gases. At least as important is the thickness of the panes and the void between. For expert advice, consult a company that specialises in Double Glazing in Evesham.

Triple glazing?

If each pane is of identical thickness and material, they will tend to inhibit the same frequencies; therefore, the third is not really adding anything not already achieved acoustically by the first two.

Units in which one pane is thicker than the other make a bigger difference; laminated glass makes even more.

When noise insulation is your main concern, be sure to make this clear to your glazing supplier.

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