Business benefits with VOIP

Business benefits with VOIP

Communication using telephones has been with us for over a century, but now this traditional technology is being replaced by VoIP call systems. It is anticipated that this replacement will be complete by 2025, with the attractions of the new digital alternative becoming irresistible.

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Why are people switching?

BT plans to switch off the PSTN analogue network in 2025, which is the big driver. In addition to this, businesses are rapidly waking up to the benefits that moving to digital can bring them, with small and medium-sized businesses switching over in the greatest numbers.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

Reduced Cost

Unlike traditional analogue phones, if you call over the internet, it doesn’t matter whether you are placing a call to someone just down the road or halfway around the world. Internal phone calls will cost practically nothing at all. This means your monthly phone charges will reduce dramatically and cost is no longer a limitation for the calls your employees make. Cloud-based packages can be bought from providers, including all upgrades and maintenance costs.

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Increased Flexibility

If your team grows or shrinks, this system is flexible enough to grow and shrink at the flick of a switch, unlike the traditional system. You are in complete control of the number of phone lines that you need.  This is a great idea for when your business grows to the point that you need  new, bigger work premises. Moving can be a hassle so anything to make it easier is ideal for example an Offices to let Basingstoke way company have great high end offices available with lifts, air conditioning and parking found at sites such as so you don’t even have to worry about that either.

Your business is mobile

VoIP allows you to scale your business easily, and you can also be flexible in meeting the needs of your employees. Cloud-based voice calls mean that a virtual phone line can go with you anywhere, so there is no reason to miss calls simply because you are not in the office when they happen to ring.  There are no limits to the freedom of mobile workers; all they need is an internet connection.

Increased productivity

Your team can make calls using VoIP, and they can also share data. In addition, any number of people can join in virtual meetings. There is a good deal of information on these features available online.

Maintain a competitive advantage

With a truly digital workplace, your business is ready to compete in today’s rapidly transforming world.

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