How to choose curtains and blinds for your rental property

How to choose curtains and blinds for your rental property

When you walk into a room, your eyes will be drawn to the windows. After all, that is where the light is coming from. Potential tenants also want to check out the view. Therefore, it is important to dress the window nicely. Here are some things to consider.

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Curtains or blinds

This may depend on what sort of property you are trying to rent. Curtains are homely and cosy and work well in an older style property. Blinds say funky and modern and look better with clean lines and new properties. Often, the style of the property is somewhere between cosy and modern and it is then important to look at the rest of the décor to see what will match better.

Colour scheme

For rental properties, neutral colours can look very nice. Dark curtains can make a room look smaller and curtains that are too light may be a little see through. Potential tenants will all have their own views about colour schemes and patterns, and this may not necessarily match yours. Therefore, using neutral colours will blend in nicely and won’t put any potential tenant off if they don’t like a colour or pattern.

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It can be difficult to know whether to go for an expensive window dressing or buy something more cost-effective. An expensive dressing can be costly for you or the tenant to replace if it is damaged. A cheap window dressing will be easier on the wallet, but it might not last as long. Often, keeping well within your budget and buying a good quality but sensibly-priced window dressing is the best option.


It is important to have an inventory done when a tenant moves out. Make sure you don’t forget the curtains or blinds. It would be embarrassing and costly to have a new tenant move in and the blind falls down the first time they try to close them, or if they found a hole in the curtains. Use a property inventory app such as Inventorybase ( to help you when the previous tenant moves out. That way you know if anything needs replacing and you can charge the previous tenant if they have caused the damage.

Hopefully, this has given you some great ideas when it comes to curtains and blinds for your rental property.

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