Could a dash cam save you money on your car insurance?

Could a dash cam save you money on your car insurance?

Beleaguered motorists are facing rising insurance costs, and are taking every opportunity to drive down their premiums. Motoring organisations recommend paying for car insurance in full, rather than paying in instalments, while many drivers are choosing to increase their excess and reduce their annual mileage in order to benefit from cheaper policies.

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Accidental damage captured on video

Now insurers are making it even easier for motorists to bring their insurance premiums into line, simply by installing a dashboard camera, or ‘dash cam’ to their vehicle. In the event of an accident, this little device provides visual proof of who was at fault, so if you are involved in an accident – and you weren’t to blame for it – the video footage could support your claim and protect your own no-claims discount too. Moreover, your future premiums shouldn’t rise at your next renewal.

According to a recent article in the Daily Mirror, sales of dash cams have soared, with retail analysts suggesting that sales have risen by a staggering 671 per cent over the past 24 months. As insurers offer increasing incentives in the form of reduced premiums to drivers willing to install a dash cam, more and more motorists are realising the cost benefit of these little cameras.

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Making life easier for insurers

Until dash cam technology came to prominence, motorists involved in collisions had little chance of proving that they were not at fault. Motorists have traditionally been advised by their insurance companies not to admit liability at the time of an accident, so where an accident occurred with no witnesses, the insurance companies would battle between themselves over the likely cause of the incident. When the incident is recorded, the question of blame is easier to resolve, saving the insurance companies time and money, which they are prepared to pass on to their customers.

You can source a dash board camera whatever your budget, as can be seen from the range of cameras available at for example. It makes sense to buy the best model that you can afford to ensure that video quality is appropriate for your insurer’s requirements.

Some insurers specify which models of dash cam they prefer, so check with your insurance company before making your purchase, and you can look forward to cheaper motoring.

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