Designing your perfect man cave

Designing your perfect man cave

Every guy deserves a place where he can escape, somewhere he can be himself. Whether that’s to contemplate the universe, watch sports or indulge in a hobby. A place to enjoy the finer things of life, like sports, beer, video games, movies and mates. If you’ve identified the perfect spot for your man cave, then here are some tips on must-have items to adorn it:

The latest TV

You know, the 4K Ultra HD one that you’ve been eyeing up for ages. Whatever your passion, be it watching big games, playing Call of Duty or the latest film releases, go big, go bright and go techy. You’ll enjoy a pristine, pixel-perfect image and be the envy of your mates.

Superior Seating

To go with the new huge TV, you need the very best in seating arrangements. If your man cave is big enough, think cinema style seating or something big, leather and luxurious. Avoid sofas if you don’t want to end up sat awkwardly squashed together when your mates turn up. Something like the Eames Lounge Chair is just perfect. Find a range of Eames Lounge Chairs at Pash Classics.

Surround Sound

You’ve got the flash TV and luxury seating but that’s only part of the story. The latest TV is no good without a top-quality sound system that fills your man cave with the clearest and crispest of sounds. Feel like you’re a part of the action with top of the range surround sound.

Video Games Consoles

Be it a PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox One, you don’t have to solely play games to benefit from these entertainment systems. You can watch DVDs, removing the need for a separate player, you can get online, stream movies and play games.


Don’t worry if you don’t have the wall room for a bar, as there are loads of portable varieties that can standalone. A portable bar lets you call the shots (pardon the pun) and install your bar wherever suits best. Consider filling it with the very best, including top notch liquor, posh glasses and a martini shaker, for example.

Pool Table

For the times when there’s nothing on the box, a side activity is a great idea and one of the most popular additions to a man cave is a pool table. A pool table is pretty space-consuming, but if you have the room, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment of playing it.

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Dart Board

For some great entertainment that takes up little space, hang a dart board for you and your mates to get competitive. If you’re not sure about the look, why not invest in a wooden cabinet to hide it inside.

Exercise Equipment

Many men choose to turn their man cave into a bit of a home gym, and it is a great place for working off some of the day’s stress. It doesn’t have to take over the entire space either, as you can install compact gym equipment and avoid anything too bulky.



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