Four tips for successful corporate relocation

Four tips for successful corporate relocation

Companies relocate for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s financial, other times practical. Sometimes it’s because a lease has come to an end, other times it’s because the business has grown. Whatever your reason, our four tips for successful corporate relocation will help you make the move with ease.

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Write a detailed plan

Write a plan, which includes a timeframe, as to how you see the relocation unfolding. Try to include every eventuality, with contingency time for these as well. Share the relocation workload out rather than leaving it all at the foot of one team or worse still, one individual.

Be transparent with staff

Keep staff in the loop about relocation plans as early as possible. This will prevent any mishaps or miscommunications. Telling them at the last minute will only create a negative environment and could cost you some of your employees. Make sure that staff have clear options for relocation and that you have provided a good enough package and the offer of a bridging loan to convince them to stay on. Furthermore, keep them in the conversation when it comes to discussing new floor plans, or other office ideas, they may offer excellent insights into how this move can be a chance to improve both morale and productivity.

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Outsource the move itself

Relocating without a dedicated corporate relocation company is not easy. A firm with experience in this field such as is preferable to a standard domestic removal company as they have direct experience of these types of relocations. Whether you’re moving to another floor of the same building or to another continent, a dedicated corporate relocation company will help you pack, move and unpack more swiftly and conveniently than anyone else.

Set a budget

Relocating is never going to be a low-cost exercise, with the cost of relocating staff having the most significant impact on your relocation budget. Plus, there are the forgotten costs such as solicitor’s fees, new furniture and equipment. For example, are you leaving behind some facilities (such as kitchen facilities) but arriving at a new location without any? Set aside some petty cash too, you may need to provide unexpected refreshments.

From budgetary planning to staff engagement and choosing an excellent relocation provider, these four tips will help you from the outset when it comes to corporate relocation plans.

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