Futuristic underwater smart homes being built in Dubai

Futuristic underwater smart homes being built in Dubai

Dubai is famous for many things, including opulent skyscrapers and wealth beyond imagination; now, it has added underwater homes to its list of attractions. Built in Dubai’s manmade The World islands, these smart homes have been designed with one thing in mind – a spectacular view.

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Splendid seahorses

The seahorse homes are aptly named, as they are the perfect place to watch the beautiful creature native to Dubai’s water. The homes have been commissioned in a bid to conserve the habitat of the seahorses, with an artificial coral reef built to promote wildlife and provide the homes with a spectacular underwater garden. They are designed with one floor submerged to provide a spectacular view of the coral, with panoramic scenes of seahorses swimming around your beautiful home – if you have £2.5m to spare.

Larger houses are currently being built that will sleep up to eight adults and eight children, making them the perfect family home for those interested in aquatic wildlife. With two floors above water and one beneath, these family homes will be cutting-edge dwellings with all modern conveniences, including home automation. The submerged floor includes an entertainment room and two en-suite bedrooms for those lucky enough to sleep with the fishes.

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Smart living

With such a high price tag, you would expect these homes to adopt the latest in technology. The designers have installed home automation in the villas that make the most of this technology; for example, if you ever wanted to close the blinds, you could do so at the touch of a button. In addition to controlling the blinds, automated systems from specialists such as http://digitalinteriors.co.uk/project/home-automation-systems/ can change the lighting levels and adjust the air conditioning, which would be ideal in a room submerged in water.

Secluded living

You are guaranteed complete seclusion in these luxury homes, as they are only approachable by sea and air; of course, this will be something to factor into the budget if you consider buying one. It is believed there will be 125 villas in total when construction is completed. Each villa will have outdoor space to utilise above the water in addition to the views from the submerged section. The walls are made of glass, of course, to ensure you can take full advantage of the wonderful landscape. This is an aquatic accomplishment not to be missed.

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