The Gambling Industry’s Perspective on Mobile App Development

The Gambling Industry’s Perspective on Mobile App Development

The gambling sector has a lot to thank mobile apps for. When it comes to adding value for customers and creating a revenue stream, there aren’t many industries that have benefitted from apps quite like gambling has. Initially, things were slow to take off due to the fact that early gambling apps suffered from usability issues, but now those kinks have been ironed out and app development is certainly seen as something you need to get behind if you are to be successful.

The boom in gambling apps can be attributed to the spread of WiFi, 4G and how advanced smartphones and tablets have become over the years. This means live casino games and sports betting is easily accessed with just a few taps of the screen, so whether you’re waiting for a bus or in a queue at the shops you can get your phone out and start playing. Taking part in book of dead online, roulette and all your other favourite casino games has never been easier, which is exactly why the gambling industry has seen profits soar in recent times.

Another big change came when companies realised that mobile gaming apps didn’t need to replicate the desktop versions. The user experience ends up being completely different depending on which device you’re using, so a mobile app needs its own distinctive features and capabilities. This presents a challenge for developers, as they try to provide an experience that is similar to desktops but without cluttering the screen. Equally, it’s a good idea to try and preserve the characteristics of the live casino environment as much as possible, avoiding an unnatural feel thanks to fewer options or features.

Gambling apps continue to be altered and enhanced, with more companies joining the market thanks to the lucrative appeal. Expect to see a lot of competitive features and different incentives being brought to mobile over the coming years, as operators look for new ways to make their games appealing in a crowded market. Aspects such as in-play streams during sports betting, social elements and much more are being cultivated to really offer players what they want to see.

With apps continuing to become faster and more fluid there is still a lot of scopes for gambling companies to remain profitable in this area, just as long as a seamless experience is combined with brand identity. There is going to be a lot more investment in the near future when it comes to strategy and offering customers multiple ways to stay connected through mobile gaming.

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