Help Your Office Staff Use Time Efficiently

Help Your Office Staff Use Time Efficiently

Managing an office team requires giving them the tools that they need to manage time well. You don’t want your best team members to waste time on activities that are both avoidable and time consuming.

Save Your Staff From Battling With Shredders

If you want your staff to follow security protocols that include shredding documents, you shouldn’t have them to spend a significant amount of time on shredding. Even the best standard office shredders aren’t reliable. They typically accommodate ten pages or fewer, and they frequently get jammed with just a few pages. One stray staple or paper clip can cause a machine to stop working, and trying to fish out an obstruction can be dangerous. Let your staff put documents to be shredded in secure containers and arrange for a professional shredding company to retrieve them and shred the contents. When you’re looking for help from a shredding company Boston, choose a company that can come shred all of your important documents directly onsite.

Don’t Force Your Personnel to Be Their Own IT Department

Not everyone on your staff has the same level of computer skills. Unless providing IT support isn’t a core component of staff member’s job duties, he or she shouldn’t constantly be put in the position of having to provide IT support to an entire department or office team. Your best and brightest may lose a big chunk of their workday just troubleshooting other people’s problems or hooking up new equipment. If you don’t have a formal IT department, you should find a good IT outsourcing solution. Work with a company that can provide remote support and also come onsite whenever needed.

Sometimes, having staff tow extra lines is done in the name of saving money. However, your staff’s time has monetary value. In fact, your most productive staff members’ time may have even more intrinsic value than its actual dollar amount. A good office manager helps staff use their time to the best of the abilities by eliminating unnecessary time-wasting activities.

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