How a Staircase Renovation Could Transform Your Hall

How a Staircase Renovation Could Transform Your Hall

What is the largest piece of furniture in your house? The surprising answer is your staircase. Think about it. Your staircase is most likely situated in a central location of your house, it is two stories tall, and chances are that everyone in the family uses it several times a day. It is likely that you see it as a tool to be used to get from one point to another, but why can’t it be something more? A staircase revamp could transform the entire feel of the house.

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A Staircase of Your Own

Beautiful houses are unlikely to have ugly staircases. The staircase that came with your house was a tool. It was covered with carpet and probably had a bland, factory-produced rail. With a renovation, you can customize your staircase to match the style of the rest of your home. It does not need to be an eyesore when it can be a main attraction. No matter what style your home boasts, a renovation can allow you to make those parts you love about your house truly stand out.

A Conversation Starter

“People simply look at their staircases,” says Roberta Jervis of the furniture design company Neville Johnson. With a staircase renovation, that boring set of steps can become a conversation starter. The door opens, your guests come in, and their eyes are immediately drawn to this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

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Your Chance to Stand Out

Your staircase truly is a piece of furniture, and furniture is a statement. This is your style; this is what you find to be lovely. Your staircase can and should make those very same statements, and it can do so in very unique ways. While traditional furniture is largely the product of commercial manufacturing, your staircase is a work of craftsmanship made with human hands. It can be built to your exact design and can serve as the greatest personal statement of style and value in your home. If you’re short on ideas, you can look at sites like to get inspiration.

Where to Begin?

A staircase renovation is not a small job, so where should you begin? Start by simply taking stock of your own style and ideas, along with what others have done. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

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