How to prepare your bar or restaurant for summer

How to prepare your bar or restaurant for summer

Summer weather in the UK is notoriously changeable; however, in the last couple of weeks a heatwave has hit the country and in some places the temperature has reached 36°. Many customers have been seeking a cool drink in the shade or an air conditioned restaurant in which to cool down. Here are some tips to get your establishment ready for a spell of warm weather.

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Ice lollies

If you own a bar or nightclub without air conditioning, the temperature can become almost unbearable when the venue is filled to capacity. Revellers will be dancing the night away and a good way to help them to cool down is to provide free ice lollies, with staff making their way around the venue handing out these treats. Not only will this make people feel more comfortable but also they will be sure to remember your venue as somewhere that really takes care of its customers.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is a pricey way to get through the summer, but it is worth considering. This big investment may be beneficial, especially for busy bars and nightclubs. There are environmental factors to contemplate, which are explained in an article in the Guardian.

Spruce up your outdoor space

In the summer months people love to experience the continental lifestyle ‒ sitting at tables on the pavement, in the sun, watching the world go by. If you have some outdoor space, such as a patio or garden, or have a licence to put tables in front of your establishment, then summer is the time to take advantage of this space. Visit London has a list of the ten best beer gardens in London, which will provide you with inspiration to get your outdoor space looking its best .

Make sure you have chilled drinks available

Commercial bottle coolers are essential for any business, whether large or small. Everyone likes a cool drink when the temperatures rise and you can view a selection of commercial bottle coolers by Take the company’s advice about picking the correct cooler to ensure that you have the right capacity for your business needs.

With hot temperatures set to continue over the next couple of months, follow these tips and get your bar, restaurant, or nightclub ready for a sizzling summer.

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