How to Remove Mountain Bike Pedals Pro Guideline

Remove Mountain Bike Pedals

How to Remove Mountain Bike Pedals Pro Guideline

Now we are going to be teaching you how to change the pedals on your mountain bike. There is you have an amazing guideline on how to remove its pedals.


We going to need is a 15 mm spanner and this is actually a bike for a six-burner and it has to go to different sources.

All of which is one and a half centimeters that way or 15 millimeters. So, I’m gonna get my bike out and I’m going to show you.

Before I show you how to install the pedal, I’m gonna actually show her solution at first. But the left pedal on the left one to bite would be reversed.

Fred, meaning to tighten it, you turn it to the left and solution that you turn it to the right and so you just get your 15-minute spanner, this one here on the white one, and you just pull it to the right.

Then you just keep lotion in there and then it should just start to become easier. Just keep loosening it.

It’s nearly exactly the same concept, but the solution is, you just turn it to the left as you would normally, as a normal boat or a normal stroke. And to tighten it, you just turn it to the right. It’s not, I’m going to put the one that I just took off, which was the left pedal.

There is you have to need to learn how to remove bike pedals.

Pedals Moving

You’re just gonna know on the peds it up into the Fred and because it’s reverse Fred, cause it’s on the left pedal.

We’re going to turn it to the left just a little bit just to get started and it starts to go in and once it’s gone on a little bit, we start to tighten pedals with a spanner and when you first go in there a little bit, it can hold itself up now.

I’ll just start to talk to him and if you’re putting a right pedal in, it’s actually the exact same, but instead of turning it to the left.

You turn it to the right because he said normally Fred, and also, I’m just going to check with you to shine.

If you are putting new pedals in, you might want to freeze up to the fridge a little bit. It would just make you go in a bit smoother and it might get lost a bit longer. Give it a longer life. It was already braced so that you need to grease it up.

I don’t, I haven’t really been using these that long and having to just make sure it’s nice and tight.

Then just make sure it spins nicely. Make sure it hasn’t got any creeks or anything and mine are not perfect here.


So let me make sure he’s smart one last time and you see unless you had the perfect article fine to read it, it could be growth. You could leave a like and share that’s the end of the article. Thanks for reading the article.

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