How To Tame A Witch In Minecraft?

How to tame a Witch in Minecraft

How To Tame A Witch In Minecraft?

Among the different Mobs that exist in Minecraft, there is one that we can find in stories and legends, these creatures are the Witches. These evil beings and darkness are also in our favorite title, now, the question we all ask ourselves is: How to tame a Witch in Minecraft? Is it possible? Well, here we will answer that question, stay with us and find out.

How To Tame A Witch In Minecraft?

Tame A Witch In Minecraft

The Witches in Minecraft are hostile creatures that will attack us without hesitation, these beings have a minimally similar appearance to a villager, their skin is white and an ugly wart dances on their nose, they wear a black hat with a strange crystal in the center and they wear a violet robe or garment as clothing. Continue reading: What are sponges used for in minecraft

Generation of Witches in Minecraft

To get Witches in the lands of Minecraft, these can be generated in places with a lighting level of 7 or lower than this, there are different ways in which these are created, and they are the following:

Witches Cabin: When we start the game, a cabin with a witch is generated in this, after this the witches appear in the 7x9x7 area of ​​said cabin.

Generation by villagers: Although they do not create it, a villager can become a witch, if lightning strikes 4 blocks from the villager, she will become a Witch, that is, the villager will disappear and have the effect of becoming a Witch.

Taming a Witch in Minecraft

The question that many players and fans of the title have is: Is there any chance to tame a Witch? Let us tell you that, no, these creatures cannot be tamed. Like several other creatures in Minecraft, taming Witches is not something that can be done, it is something that is not implemented in the game. They are simply Mobs that we must take care of and try to move away or eliminate, just like the Creepers.

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