Do You Know Why Most Divorces End?

Do You Know Why Most Divorces End?

Divorce is never a good thing, and you certainly never expected to get divorced when you decided to marry your soon-to-be ex. However, sometimes there are situations inside the relationship that makes you believe you will be happier alone that you would be if you stayed in your marriage. If you wonder why others are getting divorce, you may be surprised at the causes people listed.

1. Weight

Whether the partner gains or loses weight, a sudden change in appearance can also change the mental, emotional, and physical traits of the one losing the weight. Sometimes the changes in appearance are such that the other spouse can not deal with the toll it takes on their self-esteem. That means one of the partners will seek an uncontested divorce Tampa.

2. Immaturity

You don’t have to be 17 or 18 years of age to be too emotionally immature to get married. There are some individuals that are still not ready to make a commitment when he or she is 30 years old. When a person is unprepared for the stresses, the changes, and the commitments required in a relationship, marriages often fail.

3. Abuse

Anger is associated with abuse within a marriage, but sometimes it is more an explosive situation that gets out of hand because the couple argues about the topic frequently. Whether it is physical, mental, or emotional abuse, when one person repeatedly takes control of another person, it is reason for divorce.

4. Communication

When couples don’t communicate, or they communicate in negative ways, it can damage the trust that is essential to a healthy marriage. Nasty comments, sideline snipes, or temper tantrums are all unhealthy means of connecting verbally, and when combined, they can cause a partner to seek divorce.

No one goes into marriage with the thought of divorce, but the reality is that you can never know someone until you are married to them. If you have any questions about ending your marriage, contact a lawyer to see what your options are.

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