More Church Openness Leads To Beautiful Designs

More Church Openness Leads To Beautiful Designs

Centuries of stolid regulations about how Catholic sanctuaries were to be designed resulted in a homogenous, and rather boring, collection of worldwide churches. There is nothing wrong with maintaining a degree of solidarity in sanctuary designs because it enhances the closeness of church members. Catholicism however, is rich in its inclusiveness of vernacular when it comes to verbal communication. A similar richness must follow in its allowances for church design.

Old and New, or Archaic vs. Contemporary

While the main thrust of the Catholic Christian religion is the saving grace of an omnipotent God, the importance of church design has always played a major role in attracting patrons. In the “new world,” the Vatican has supported the construction of Catholic churches that reflect the ethnicity and geography of the locales in which new churches are built. In England, Catholic churches tend to reflect an admiration for royalty. In South America, Catholic church designs reflect native heritage. In the American Pacific Northwest, there is an abundance of Catholic churches that are built using local wood construction that retain a campfire-style of layout designs.

All of these churches are connected with a singular spiritual message, but attract new members through a recognition of the importance of community familiarity. Now that the Vatican has approved a new approach to modern Catholic church design, the options for parish builders are more inviting and worthy of dedicated talent.

Professional Church Design Consulting

Strict adherence to old world notions of proper Catholic church architecture is dwindling next to the excitement of church builders who recognize the need for more contemporary designs. Architectural design firms like O’Brien and Keane are actively involved with creating new church designs that combine styles from the old world and the aesthetic needs of the new.

It is now entirely possible to establish and fill a new church structure conveying a welcoming Catholic church interior design that successfully melds traditional features with other features that speak loudly to local parishioners. The key to building new Catholic churches that are welcoming to all people is expertise in design techniques and integration with local sensibilities.

The numbers of people flocking to places of worship are increasing exponentially. New Catholic churches are being built in communities across the globe. Architects who understand the need to combine old and new world elements offer extraordinary church interior designs that promote the mission of the church, and excite modern people.

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