How much TV is too much according to scientists?

How much TV is too much according to scientists?

It’s been around for almost 80 years and most of us rely on it for daily entertainment, but are we watching too much TV? And what are the benefits of limiting our viewing?

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Sedentary lifestyles

One of the biggest problems with watching too much TV is that it keeps you glued to the sofa instead of moving about. Our bodies are designed to move and sitting still for long periods is bad for our health. Advertising also tends to push unhealthy snacks and foods towards TV viewers, and the combination of long periods of eating and sitting still lead to weight gain and other health problems.

Choose what to watch

According to scientists, the type of programmes we watch also affect our well-being. Children who watch educational programming tend to do better at school as teens than those who view violent or adult content. suggests letting children watch TV, but making sure they are not exposed to adult content. Your child’s TV intake, as well as the type of programmes they watch, should be carefully monitored and you should try and watch suitable shows with them to increase their engagement and help turn viewing into a more active experience.

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In the right circumstances, viewing TV shows can actually help improve our brain power. Researchers have shown that people who watched TV immediately before taking a test achieved better scores than those who completed crosswords, listened to music or played with toys. Other research has shown that viewers who watched certain TV shows had an enhanced understanding of politics. TV can also relax viewers, and make the viewer open to different ideas.

Rather than browsing through hundreds of channels looking – and often failing – for something to watch, only watch shows you actually want to watch and switch off when they finish. Reputable firms such as can help with TV aerial installation in Swansea if you don’t have access to all the high-quality Freeview channels in your area.

Of course, no one is suggesting we cut out TV altogether – it’s an important source of news, sports and entertainment – but being more mindful about what we choose to watch and not falling into the habit of endless flicking through channels, can have a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being.

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