Railway Staff in Northern Ireland are Being Equipped with Body Worn Cameras

Railway Staff in Northern Ireland are Being Equipped with Body Worn Cameras

People at railway stations are often subjected to antisocial and aggressive behaviour. Many people claim that they feel nervous when they take the train, and others say that they feel intimidated when they are waiting at the platform alone at night.

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This may be why body cameras are now being used by railway staff across the Northern Ireland Railways network. The cameras will be used over the coming year to help reduce anti-social behaviour, and the footage will be used as evidence to prosecute offenders.

Train Station Violence and Intimidation

Violence and intimidation frequently occur at train stations, and now Translink are making a concentrated effort to reduce violent and intimidating encounters. The train company recently announced that the safety of passengers and staff was Translink’s number one priority. They went on to add that due to frequent unacceptable anti-social behaviour, the company no longer felt like they had any option but to close certain stations from 7PM onwards.

This preventive measure will be used alongside body cameras, but it may not be as effective as such devices. This is because body cameras provide reliable evidence that makes it easier to prosecute offenders. It is likely that this would effectively reduce violence and intimidation.

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How Body Cameras can Prevent Crime

According to the Huffington Post, one study found that the use of body cameras saw a significant reduction in members of the public being injured by officers wearing body cameras, as well as injuries to the officers themselves.

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The cameras provide exceptional HD visuals and audio, so the footage is of a very high quality.

This could completely transform railways across the UK, as it will be much easier for civilians and police officers to record crime and make a statement immediately afterwards. As victims can speak straight away, they are also less likely to overlook important details about the crime.

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