Six useful parcel packing tips

Six useful parcel packing tips

When you send a parcel, you expect it to be handled efficiently, carefully and quickly. Whether you’re sending a present to family, returning an item to a company, or posting an item you’re selling online, you want to make sure it arrives at its destination in the same condition you sent it. Our useful tips will help you package your item effectively.

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Use a box

Using a box is the best way to protect your package. Make sure you mark the box with any instructions, for example, ‘This Way Up’ or ‘FRAGILE’, to give the delivery company an understanding of the contents. Make sure you tape up the box in the most secure way possible, covering the edges of any openings. Use the right size of box – if your item is too big for the box it may burst; if the item is too small, the box may collapse. The item must fit in comfortably, and be around 6cm from the edges. Don’t re-use boxes too many times – they’ll soon start to weaken.

Wrap your item

By wrapping the item within the box, preferably in bubble wrap or foam wrap, you give it a better chance of withstanding any bumps and movement. This will give the item an extra layer of protection –

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Fill any gaps

To keep your item stable within the box, fill in any gaps with a filler. This can be packing chips or small airbags, but you can easily use scrunched-up paper.

Special instructions

Make the courier aware of any special requirements you may have. For example, if you are sending perishable items, let them know by adding this in the ‘special instructions’ section. Perishables, such as food, flowers or anything with an expiry date, are recommended to be sent with same day couriers, to ensure quick delivery All about Freight offer same day courier services.


If you’re sending liquids, make sure they are stored in leak-proof containers. Corrugated inserts are recommended to add extra security either side of the container. Mark your box with ‘Liquids Enclosed’ to ensure the courier is aware.

Insert details

On the off chance your external label is somehow damaged or removed, it is a good idea to type/write out the sender and receiver addresses and insert this into your package, as a back-up.

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