Sporting Greatest Father And Son Success Stories

Sporting Greatest Father And Son Success Stories

Throughout the years there has always been families which have existed in certain sports who seem to imprint their family name into the culture and history of the sport itself. It is no surprise that many sons of sporting superstars go on to emulate or trump the success of their fathers, being surrounded by success must brush off on you at least a little. We have seen plenty of evidence of outstanding father and son combos in the world of professional sport and today we are going to take a look at some of the most successful duos that have taken to the World stage.

The Elways

John Elway will forever be remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks to have ever played in the NFL and in Denver at least, one of the greatest athletes of all time. Elway played his entire career in Denver gaining two Superbowl rings and an MVP trophy as well as racking up record after record. Elway went on to coach the Broncos after his retirement and won another two Superbowls within his role before being inducted into the NFL hall of fame. John was the sone of Jack Elway, one of the finest college coaches there has ever been, an outstanding scout who worked with his son at the Broncos and a key figure in the promotion of the European game thanks to his help in Frankfurt.

The Mannings

No family has their name in the sporting history books in the same way that the Manning family do. Father Archie got things started in the 60s where he would attract thousands to come and watch his side at college level thanks to his highly entertaining style before he entered into the NFL for a successful career. Whatever Archie did however was completely overshadowed by his two boys,  Eli and Peyton, Peyton Manning is widely considered as the greatest quarterback and indeed player to have ever played in the NFL and brother Eli is not exactly in the shadows, he is seen as the 2nd best quarterback to have graced the NFL. Between the brothers they have 6 MVP trophies and 4 Superbowl rings and they have smashed records for their own franchises and in the league repeatedly.

The Noahs

Yannick Noah was a highly successful and flamboyant French tennis star who won a total of 73 trophies throughout his career along with 3 grand slams, one of which included the French Open in Roland Garros, the first Frenchman to win there in almost 40 years. Son Joakim was raised in the United States and opted for a different path to his father, taking up basketball at a young age. After impressing throughout his college years, the young Noah was picked up in the draft by the Chicago Bulls. In his 9 years at the Bulls, Noah has won defensive player of the year twice and featured in the All-Star game 6 times.

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