The most important catering equipment for your startup

The most important catering equipment for your startup

Starting up any new business can be a time-consuming and expensive process, meaning that it is essential to focus on the most important elements. It can be even more costly for a catering business, as there is such a variety of equipment available.

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What equipment is necessary?

The food and service management industry is becoming increasingly attractive to newcomers, with a doubling of turnover between 1993 and 2013; however, it can be costly if you get it wrong. If you are starting up a catering business, you need to narrow down the type of dishes you will be serving, as this will enable you to decide which catering equipment will be required.

Catering suppliers stock a host of different models, some of which will be exceptionally important whereas others will not be used much. Before you rush out and spend all your available budget, take some time to research the market, check out the different products and work out how you should allocate the funds.

Large items

Catering suppliers such as will have an extensive range of large appliances in stock, including fridges, freezers, ovens and display units, for you to select from. It is beneficial to plan the layout of your kitchen in advance so that you know exactly how much space you have to work with.

When selecting fridge and freezer units, you will need an idea of how much produce you will be storing and how frequent deliveries will be.

Space can be a factor when installing cooking equipment, so you should consider a combination oven that provides more flexibility and six burner hobs that enable you to cook a variety of dishes at the same time.

Small appliances

You can go overboard with the amount of small cooking and preparation equipment you purchase for a new business and it is essential to concentrate on what you actually need.

Vegetable preparation equipment and potato chippers can save vital time in a commercial kitchen, while food processors are useful if you need to liquidise, puree, mix or knead ingredients. Other equipment that could be useful includes griddles, chargrills, water baths, toasters, microwaves and juice extractors.

The most important point to remember is that you can always add to your kitchen as you grow and when you can establish what is essential rather simply than a luxury.

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