Things to know about sending a parcel to Canada

Things to know about sending a parcel to Canada

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for student travel and working holidays, and more and more parents are looking into their options when it comes to sending care packages. Travelling to another country may seem great at first, but it’s only a matter of time before home comforts are thoroughly missed. Here’s more information on how to send those all-important items.

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When will it arrive?

Sending a parcel can depend on the address of the recipient. It may be one of the largest countries in the world, but some areas can be difficult to get to. If you intend on sending a parcel to one of the major cities, then it can arrive as quickly as 3 to 4 days later, or could take weeks depending on the type of postage you choose.

Before sending the parcel, you will be required to fill in a customs declaration. As with any country, there may be restrictions on what you can send, so it’s important to make sure your package doesn’t include any banned items. Be honest and include everything that you have packed to avoid any customs issues.

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Added costs

It’s also important to remember that added duty will apply to items which are valued at over $20 CAD, or for gifts valued over $60 CAD. Even though they may be in a new country, the recipient may not realise that Canada is quite similar to the UK in many aspects. They can even find several British TV shows on BBC Canada, so it’s worth a check before spending money sending the latest DVD of Doctor Who or Mrs Browns Boys over to them.

Choosing how to send

There are several different ways to send a parcel to Canada. You have the option to send through Royal Mail, or you may prefer to look into independent couriers. Local couriers such as often offer a range of services, from a man and van in Reading, to courier services outside of the country, so it is worth checking before settling on a postage provider.

For whatever reason you would like to send a package to Canada, it’s important to look into what is allowed, plus any added costs. As long as you factor it all in, your recipient will surely be delighted to receive the parcel.

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