Three Tips to Improve Your Guitar Playing Skills

Three Tips to Improve Your Guitar Playing Skills

There are three things that you need to know about becoming a better guitar player. They are companionship, focus, and, finally, progress. Guitar teachers like Tom Hess Guitar agree that these three things are the way to ensure people become better guitar players overall. Let’s investigate each element in greater detail.

  1. Companionship

First of all, human beings are social animals. Not just that, the guitar is a social instrument. As humans, we want to interact with others, something we share with many of our animal relatives. We love to talk about what our passions are, and being able to do so has been psychologically shown to help to inspire and motivate both ourselves and others. With the guitar, when you practice together, it quickly becomes a jam, in which everybody plays together in order to create something new.

Best of all, thanks to the advances of technology, you can now find this companionship online. People like Tom Hess Guitar, for instance, teach online, meaning that you can play together without ever leaving your own house! It is also recommended to play with people who are somewhat better than you as much as you can, as you can learn from them and be inspired by them. You may feel that they do not take enjoyment out of playing with someone who is not as good as them, but you would be wrong. For those who are better players, being able to inspire others to become as good as them is a fantastic feeling.

  1. Focus

You need to have a focus. Think about what you want out of the guitar and focus on that. Perhaps you want to become an all round player, or maybe you are more interested in sitting on a beach and playing Dylan. Make sure you know what it is that you want, so that you can focus on that.

  1. Progress

You must measure you own progress, and you can only do this by practicing. Without practicing, you will never get better. Others in your home may become very irritated by the fact that you continuously play the guitar, but there is simply no other way for you to improve what you are doing. Take notes on your practicing as well, and record yourself every once in a while if you can. This gives you an opportunity to see how you have improved over time, which is a fantastic motivator.

The guitar is a fantastic instrument that can be played very well by beginners and advanced musicians alike. And it is reasonably easy to progress from beginner to advanced, so long as you have that passion and focus, and the willingness to practice again and again and again. Taking lessons, be that in person or online, is certainly a way to help speed this along, not in the least because a tutor is very likely to be a better player than you, which means you can become inspired by their skill as well.

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