Top 5 Uses For Self-adhesive Foam Boards

Top 5 Uses For Self-adhesive Foam Boards

If you are not familiar with self-adhesive foam, also commonly referred to as self adhesive mount boards, they’re panels of foam that possess a glue based backing, making them ready for immediate use. There is an unlimited number of uses for these conveniently designed panels. You can use them to create a more ideal light setting for a home or work-based photography studio. They can be used to protect hard wall surfaces in areas where toddlers or small children play. They can even be used as an interior insulation layer. Whatever you intend to use them for we are certain that you will love how easy they are to install.

Top 5 Uses For Self-adhesive Foam Boards

1. Interior Insulation – If you live in a brick or concrete home then you know firsthand just how cold these rooms can get in the winter months. If you are interested in figuring out a quick and easy way to insulate cold interior walls then consider adding self-adhesive foam boards to them. The pliable surface will help to trap warm air inside the room much more effectively while preventing the cold stone, brick, or concrete walls from retaining lower temperatures.

2. A Protective Layer – Another great use for self-adhesive foam boards is to install them on walls where children or toddlers play. Children and especially toddlers are prone to slips and falls. If they crash into a bare concrete, stone, brick, or hardwood wall then they could become badly injured. By installing self-adhesive foam boards you can ensure that if your children do fall into the wall that they will not get as hurt, or they possibly won’t get hurt at all.

3. Create a White Backdrop – If you do a lot of office or home-based photography work then you might consider adding white self-adhesive foam boards near the area where you plan to take photos. The self-adhesive foam boards can act as a white backdrop for passport style portrait photos. The white self-adhesive foam boards can also create an ideal backdrop for product photos. They’re easy to install and extremely easy to remove once you decide that they are no longer needed.

4. Add Wall Texture – Self-adhesive foam boards come in a wide variety of textures. Many of the self-adhesive foam boards even possess aesthetically pleasing textures. If you have an awful or plain looking basement, attic, or storage room that you would like to improve the look of then consider installing textured self-adhesive foam boards. A textured wall can brighten up a room and make it far less plain and dreary.

5. Wall Mounts – Another great use for self-adhesive foam boards is that you can use them for wall mounts. If you have a poster, piece of art, or a special document that you would like to display on a wall then consider mounting it on to a piece of self-adhesive foam board. Once you mount the object on to the board you can then easily install it on to your wall for display.

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