Very Expensive Places To Dine

Very Expensive Places To Dine

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to cook. The thought of having someone else cater for us and no sink full of dirty dishes is very tempting. Most of us live within a reasonable distance of popular chain restaurants, pubs or fast food drive-thrus but where do we go when we want something a little extravagant? Well, for a culinary experience that’s out of this world in terms of menu options and cost – here are some of the priciest restaurants in the world:

Ithaa – Maldives

We are more used to eating fish and chips than dining with the fish! This stunning restaurant is 5m below the sea’s surface and the world’s first underwater restaurant. The dining experience is complete with views of coral reefs and colourful marine life as you dine on local dishes with a Western twist. Oh and there’s plenty of fresh seafood on the menu too!

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Kitcho Arashiyama – Japan

Located in Kyoto, this restaurant provides a traditional Japanese dining experience called kaiseki which consists of a number of dishes offering local seasonal fresh ingredients. It is family run and has earned an impressive 3 Michelin stars. The menu has quite a price tag though – a kaiseki course could cost up to $600. Enjoy some sake to take the edge off and enjoy the views of the beautiful Kyoto gardens. Whilst we can’t all afford such dining luxury, we do still expect the highest standards wherever we choose to eat. For advice on Food Safety Consultants, visit

Masa – New York

In Japanese, ‘masa’ means to give trust to the chef. Eating out in this restaurant requires a good deal of faith in the chef as there is no menu! However, the chef is a three-starred Michelin chef so the customers are in safe hands. Bookings must be made three weeks in advance as even though this is said to be the most expensive restaurant in the U.S, it is incredibly popular. The sushi bar is even made from rare Japanese wood.

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Sublimotion – Spain

Situated on the holiday island of Ibiza, this establishment was founded by a two Michelin starred chef named Paco Rocero. Amazingly, it only seats 12 so is extremely exclusive and also a whopping $1500 per head! It can be found inside the Hard Rock Hotel. That $1500 will buy you a veritable feast however, as you’ll experience 12 courses of the finest cuisine. It also buys you access to a fully immersive experience of composers, theatre, DJ sets and even some virtual reality!

Ultraviolet, China

Another experiential eatery, the Ultraviolet in Shanghai is very difficult to book. There are only 10 seats in this sci-fi inspired establishment. It is the brainchild of Paul Pairet, a French chef who first had the concept some 15 years before opening. On first entering, it seems to be just a bare room with a table in the centre and blank walls. However, it soon transforms into a technological masterpiece where you are transported to different places with the help of sights, sounds and smells to immerse you in an otherworldly dining adventure.

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