We’re lovin’ Summertime!

We’re lovin’ Summertime!

What makes you think of summer? Now we’re in the middle of the season, it’s easy to forget how much we miss it in the deepest, darkest winter months. As the spring approaches, things can begin to spark our memories and make us think about the warmer months ahead. The smell of freshly cut grass, a tune carried on the breeze, birdsong or rain on warm concrete. Here are some things we love about summer:

Longer Days – We all stay up a little later in the summer because there’s so much we can still do when it’s still light at 10pm! During the school summer holidays, the kids get to stay up later and the exciting days seem endless.

Beach Trips – Building sandcastles, eating ice cream, trying to stop the seagulls stealing our chips and paddling in an icy ocean are all part of a wonderful seaside holiday or day trip. Sandy shoes, sun cream and playing on the pier are part of our collective memories of childhood adventures by the coast. No matter how old you are, a trip to the sea is always a winner.

The Ice Cream Man – You know the good weather and good times are on their way when you hear the familiar jingle of the Ice Cream man’s van approaching your road. Take your pick from a 99 with a flake, a Screwball, Fruit lolly or ice cream sandwich!

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Summer Fetes – Not a single summer shall pass without a fete or two in every village and town across the land. Tombola, Dog shows, beer tents and cake stalls all huddled together under a huge white marquee in case of inclement weather. For your own iconic summer party shelter, try Marquee Hire Kent. For further details, visit https://www.2intents.co.uk/

Barbecues – It’s time to dust off the ole faithful and get Dad on the case with the charcoal and tongs. Nothing beats the smell of sizzling meat wafting on the warm breeze, it’s enough to make hungry, unless you’re a vegetarian of course!

Festivals – Summer is the chance to don our wellies and head to English fields in search of live music and free-spirited fun. The most famous of these being Glastonbury. Experience the chilled-out vibes, the huge variety of music from all over the world and the wonderful side shows and artists.

Open Air Pools – If you’re lucky enough to live near a lido or open-air pool then you’ll be eagerly awaiting the warmer months for the grand opening of the next season at the lido. Get there early and begin queueing as you and everyone else in a thirty-mile radius wants to cool off with a splash too. The water has got to be pretty pleasant though or outdoor swimming in Britain becomes a contest of whose lips have turned the bluest!

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Rubbish TV – We wouldn’t normally relish the thought of not much happening on the TV but in the summer, we’re all expected to be out having far too much fun to be sat in front of the telly. All the best series begin in the autumn, presumably when we’ve all come back inside. Apart from Wimbledon, you may as well unplug it until September!

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