What are the impact of human activities on environment?

impact of human activities on environment

What are the impact of human activities on environment?

Surely it is not the first time you read that the planet is our home, and like everywhere we live, whatever we do has its impact. The growth of the world population in recent decades has led to the excessive exploitation of resources to meet the needs of human beings, overriding those of other living beings, which has undoubtedly impacted nature. For this reason, in this article, we show you some aspects of the impact of human activities on the environment.

What impact of human activities on environment?

impact of human activities on environment

Overpopulation has caused a great environmental impact, as it has caused cities to expand towards the outskirts, increasing the construction of houses, which has led to the deforestation of thousands of hectares of green areas in which hundreds of species live, these have had They have to retreat and settle in new territories where there is not always food, leading them to decrease their populations. In addition, the exploitation and excessive use of non-renewable resources have increased in order to supply the needs of human beings.

Destruction and occupation of the habitat of others

Does the approach to deforestation seem extreme to you and how does it affect species? Well, we give you an example. The adorable panda, one of the animals most threatened with extinction today, was about to disappear thanks to deforestation since its main food is bamboo. There are fewer and fewer forests where it can be found thanks to man’s intervention. Today this species is highly protected due to pressure from environmental groups. If it were not for them, today there would be very few left or they would have already become extinct.

The famous global warming

The acceleration of global warming, which has caused so much controversy, is part of man’s footprint on the environment. For example, if you can go to work comfortably by bus every day, but you choose to use the car, you are throwing an unnecessary amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as your millions of people do the same, millions are doing a single activity which has its consequences. Add to that having all the household appliances connected, using light bulbs that get too hot, leaving the computer on for 24 hours, etc .; small actions that generate heat and that impact our planet.

Excessive waste production

The concept of the three Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle, is very much in force because it reduces our environmental impact. How? We explain. Work on reducing your waste this means that it will be necessary to use less machinery and less effort to dispose of them, reuse what can mean that fewer useful things will go to the trash, filling landfills and sanitary landfills with objects that can be used, and recycling Those elements that are possible implies that plastic or glass objects, for example, can be reused without having to be manufactured again. Fewer machines working to erase your waste, fewer factories producing objects that you can use for longer, fewer companies heating the planet with processes to make packaging that you can recycle giving them life again

Environmental pollution

Every time someone throws garbage in a river, throws a can in a green area, throws some waste in a place where it does not belong, they are contaminating the habitat of many species, visible and invisible. They are also forcing the environment to make the same effort to biodegrade that object.

Chewing gum takes 5 years to disappear from the environment, a can 10 years, a lighter 100 years and a plastic ball up to 150. That is why biodegradable products are on the rise. Those that, if thrown into the environment, manage to disappear more easily by forcing less to our planet and even not being polluting.

Examples of human activities that impact the environment

These are the most basic examples of how our day-to-day activities can affect the environment: the way you move around the city, how you dispose of your garbage, whether or not you abuse the use of electrical appliances if you use single-use or throwaway products, etc.

All this and more has its negative impact on the environment, that is why the action of a single person does affect for better or for worse and, of course, adds to the global, since the set of all harmful activities for the environment carried out by so many people all over the planet is the big problem.

How to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment

In principle, be aware of your actions and correct what you can, apply the three R’s at home and take the message to your loved ones, move around the city by public transport, on foot or by bicycle whenever you can, use LED bulbs, Unplug electrical appliances when you are not using them, avoid polluting and get involved if it is of your interest in environmental causes, your help will make a difference. The planet is our home. Take care of it.

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