When Should You Tuck In Your Shirt?

When Should You Tuck In Your Shirt?

For as long as shirts continue to be both classic and adaptable menswear, we will continue to wear them. But, if you want to look good in your shirt, you will want to feel confident that you are wearing it right. If so, you will definitely need to know when it should be tucked in and when it’s fine to let it hang loose.

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Whilst at times it can be down to what feels best, there are definitely some rules that will help you to work out when it is best to choose one look over the other.

Look at the Style of the Shirt

A good rule of thumb is that if the shirt is close-fitting, tuck it in. If the shirt is fairly loose-fitting, it can look better untucked. Clearly on this basis, t-shirts and Hawaiian shirts are not designed to be tucked in.

But what about a shirt that you could wear to the office yet you are instead wearing on a night out perhaps? Take a look at the shape of the shirt itself. If the bottom of the shirt is fairly flat, and the shirt is short in length like the mens Farah shirts found at http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah, then it will work well untucked. But if it is uneven (i.e. much longer in the middle than on the sides), it will look much better tucked in.

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Denim and flannel shirts can be more difficult to decide upon, particularly if you try to keep abreast of the numerous styles flaunted on online fashion blogs such as Gladwell. However, our advice would be that where the material is thick the shirt is likely to feel more comfortable untucked, whereas cotton or poplin shirts are thinner and usually look much better when tucked in

Consider Your Destination

If you are going to a formal event or work in a formal office environment, then you should definitely tuck your shirt in. However, if you are going to a nightclub, a gig or the pub, or for a walk in the park, then you can be more casual and let your shirt hang loose.

Keep in mind that if you are wearing a tie, then no matter how you wore it at school, you will look much better if your shirt is tucked in!

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