Why packaging is so important for your brand

Why packaging is so important for your brand

Your packaging is probably the first impression a customer will get of your brand, whether on a shelf in a shop or when a product is delivered to their home. Here are a few reasons why packaging is so vital.

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It communicates between you and the customer

Regardless of how your product is sold, the packaging is usually the first thing a potential customer sees. As you will probably be unable to sell the product in person, you have to do all your communication through the packaging. It should tell people why they want to buy the product, why they need it in their lives, and why it is worth their attention. A brand strategy agency can help with this process and ensure your message comes across effectively and coherently.

It builds your brand

Packaging is one of the best ways to establish and maintain your brand. Your company logo, colours, aesthetic and theme are all essential in making your brand recognisable, and they all appear on the packaging. A brand strategy agency can help by making sure your brand is consistent, which is a great way to build brand loyalty. If a customer enjoyed your product, they are more likely to make a repeat purchase if they see the brand again and recognise it.

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It creates a positive experience

Unboxing videos are huge on YouTube, and it is easy to see why. Customers want the whole experience and there is nothing more satisfying than unboxing a product that you have been pining for. Any brand strategy agency will tell you about the importance of packaging as a way to enhance the customer experience. It can build anticipation, and it ensures that the customer’s first impression of the product is positive. Think of it as like unwrapping a gift at Christmas – the more the anticipation builds, the more satisfying the eventual reveal.

It communicates your ethos

Packaging is a practical way to represent your brand’s core beliefs; for example, if your company promotes environmental issues and uses its platform to raise awareness of waste, recyclable packaging is a brilliant way to communicate this. Customers are much more likely to learn about your ethos through practical interaction than simply by reading about it online. By using packaging in this way, you can reflect your concerns and hopefully inspire change in your customers.

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