Window covering options for your kitchen

Window covering options for your kitchen

The coverings you choose for your kitchen windows offer great practicality, but they can also influence the look and feel of this much-used space. When deciding which coverings to buy, there are a number of different options at your disposal.

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Base your kitchen window covering choice around where the window is located. Windows close to the sink or cooking zone may come into contact with splashes of water or grease from cooking, so your coverings should be able to withstand this, and must be easy to wipe down and maintain, and simple to open and close. Blinds are generally more practical in this area than curtains.

You can probably be more flexible in your choice of covering for those windows that are further away from cooking or washing areas in the kitchen. Vertical blinds are a good bet, but if you want to opt for a country kitchen feel, pretty, floral curtains will cement the look in this area.

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Look for kitchen window coverings that offer excellent durability. Moisture from cooking can easily cause window coverings to get damp or even go mouldy over time, so look for coverings that are designed to cope in this steamy environment. Waterproof blinds, such as those from, make an excellent choice for the kitchen. Certainly, if your coverings are near your cooking zone, consider flame resistant fabrics or materials.

Always buy window coverings that are well fitted, or made to measure. You won’t want the ends of curtains getting damp from the sink or counter tops, for instance, or gaps in ill-fitted blinds that don’t offer you the privacy you want when eating around the kitchen table at night.

Think about colour

Whether you opt for roller blinds, aluminium blinds or curtains in your kitchen, they must be functional, but should also suit the style of the room. Focus on the colour of your window covering, to see how it fits into your kitchen environment. According to Ideal Home coloured or patterned fabric injects life into a kitchen, and can be a continuation of your colour scheme.

If your kitchen is very small, choose light and bright colours to add a sense of space to the room. Avoid choosing pure white coverings, however, as these will easily get grimy and look faded over time, particularly in high traffic areas.

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