Is work making you sick?

Is work making you sick?

When we get poorly, our manager will usually tell us to stay at home so as not to spread the germs. However, what if it is your place of work that is making you ill? It is often called ‘sick building syndrome’ and refers to the situation where people working in the same building experience the same acute health issues.

The symptoms are usually non-specific but doesn’t mean the employees aren’t genuinely feeling off-colour. These feelings of sickness increase absenteeism, reduce the productivity of workers and end up costing the economy many billions every year. So, what are the signs to look for that it could be your workplace causing your symptoms? Here are some of the contributing factors:

  1. Not enough ventilation

Many of our older workplace buildings don’t have sufficient circulation in place. This can lead to a build-up of all manner of contaminants, from the more serious carbon monoxide and styrene to pollen and mould. This can lead to micro-organisms and bacteria circulating in the air we breathe. For those already suffering with respiratory conditions, this can exacerbate symptoms. Cleaning any air vents regularly is also advised, as these can become clogged with dust and dirt, recirculating contaminated air back into the workplace. Consider Gloucester Office Cleaning for your workplace hygiene maintenance.

  1. Stress

Stress can have a significant impact on both our mental and physical health. It can affect our blood pressure, brain, heart and prevent our immune system from functioning as well as it could. Too much stress over a prolonged period at work, poor communication and negative relationships can all cause a stress reaction and increase the chances of employees becoming sick.

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  1. Grubby carpets and tiles

With all the coming and going of people’s feet, you can imagine what might be lurking in the carpet. This includes pollen, fungi, viruses, bacteria and mould. Ceiling tiles also attract their fair share of unpleasantness too, including any stagnant water harbouring mould. All of these can lead to illness, particularly for asthma or allergy sufferers. Make it your priority to bring in a regular professional cleaning crew to keep your workplace as clean and hygienic as possible. For Gloucester Office Cleaning, visit Intocleaning.

  1. Overcrowding

Everyone should have ample space in which to carry out their work, but in reality, many businesses try to cut costs by fitting in as many employees as they can in a restricted area. In busy offices, this close proximity means airborne illnesses can spread quickly between employees.

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  1. Low lighting and not enough natural light

Studies have shown that people who work in areas of high natural lighting have better sleep duration, quality, were more physically active and reported a better quality of life than those who didn’t have such access to lighting. Light affects our moods, metabolisms and levels of alertness.


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