How confess my love?

Confess my love

How confess my love?

Are you in love and do not know how to tell? Do you want to do it the best way possible? Would you love to be unforgettable? If you’re in love and that special someone does not know yet, it is important to know how to declare the best way for never know how hard it is to tell someone how you feel, so we have prepared this article so you know how to confess your love to that person so important to you.

1) If you’re in love with a friend, you must keep in mind that if you declare that person, your relationship will change. When we have not crossed the line of friends act in a more casual and natural way, however, when we know that the other person feels something special for us, we can become more introverted and less spontaneous for fear of not hurt.

It is advisable that if you plead, do it with some certainty that the other person shall you. If not, it is possible that your friendship will suffer and even you who prefer not continue to maintain a relationship with that person for fear. Rate all that and take the step if you need to give it. It may be many things but, in the end, what happens is probably best for both.

Confess my love

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2) Rate the possibility that you reject. It is possible that that person is so important for you not feel the same so be prepared for a negative and seeks alternatives and advantages to it. If you get stuck in the fear of being rejected it will cost much more to take the plunge and you can have the danger of entering into a spiral of suffering and lack of self-esteem.

There are many fish in the sea and, believe it or not, things happen for a reason. If that person rejects you give way to another, later, it is present in your life and it may be that that really make you happy. Ask yourself life as a great adventure where sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But you lose to win then do not forget.

3) Look for the right time. You do not throw when talking with friends or having fun. Choose quiet moments in which you are both alone and no one can interrupt you or bother you. Nor complicated steps to choose that person as the recent breakup of another relationship, death of a loved one or stressful circumstances.

Even if you think you declare your feelings are beneficial, it is possible that the other person is emotionally unstable and reacts in an inappropriate or unsound manner. If none of this has occurred, look for a quiet moment alone or getaway for a weekend, for example, and jump.

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4) Start subtly and gradually, he discusses how he reacts. If you see that the reaction is not expected, it does not continue as it is possible that the negative is just around the corner. Rate if the reason you have not chosen the right time or simply does not like you.

It is important that you adopt a loving, sensitive and humble attitude. What you say must be honest, it leaves the heart. Otherwise the other person can feel it and take a defensive attitude. Tell beautiful and nice things, give her ears to make you feel comfortable / a. You can try a certain approach, stroking her hair, her arm or take his hand … everything should be as natural as possible and not be uncomfortable for the other person.

5) Before taking the big step, you can prepare your speech in advance, this will help you find more comfortable and lose the fear. Practice with someone close to you has confidence, ask for advice and listen to their experiences, can be a great help.

You can also practice how you would react to rejection. In that case, that person facilitates the difficult time saying no. I am aware of things, although assaying, never go exactly as you thought.

The final advice is to not think too much. If you think much about it, you begin to evaluate variables that you had not raised before, you probably never happen and that can throw you back. For more visit http://bancheap.com/

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