It’s true love? Here are 6 typical characteristics of this feeling

true love

It’s true love? Here are 6 typical characteristics of this feeling

If, when you are with your partner you feel more secure, beautiful and full of energy, most probably means that you are living a fulfilling and mature relationship, and that’s probably the right person to you

Though some are more reluctant than others, sooner or later we would fall in love and try for another person that strong feeling that makes your heart beat, smile at all and feel good.

But how many times have you wondered whether true love exists really and especially how to be a relationship when you love in a healthy way?

Just as there are unmistakable signs that suggest that a relationship is sick, so you can identify some typical elements of that pure feeling called true love.

We have identified 6!

It’s love?

true love

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Do you suffer immensely, you despair and cry often when you’re with your partner, but I repeat that it is the man in your life, the right one, the only one that will love you forever? Maybe you have the ideas a bit ‘confused because a relationship, albeit with difficulty and dark moments, should give health and not suffering.

Obviously in the loving dimension there are also lived and unpleasant emotions, but should never prevail.

If then the suffering is not proportional to the intensity of the feeling, when you can talk about true love?

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true love

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1) Sense of complete fulfillment

The first feature that is not lacking in a relationship based on a strong feeling is the complete state of contentment. If the presence of the partner improves lives and makes you feel free to express themselves most likely is true love!

2) Tuning and abetting

When there is a sincere affection the partners live in harmony, and how are complicit in the best winning teams fight and fight another one right next to another, without ever overpowering.

3) Compared

If there is no respect there can be no true love and respect also means the accept the otherness of the other, to find a compromise so that both partners can take advantage and remember every day that has a nucleus of an “us” and not a “you” and “me”.

true love

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4) Freedom

It is thought to freedom as something egoistic, where everyone does things only thinking about their own welfare. In reality, it is not so and so hard a relationship over time is important for partners to feel free to express themselves and move around. When this feature is missing, you feel suffocated and the risk is to burst.

5) Harmony

True love is characterized by a harmonica, which gives completeness and serenity. It may happen that there are misunderstandings and quarrels, but if it prevails the feeling of well-being means that you are on your way …

6) Is there a tomorrow

The primary difference between infatuation and true love lies in the concept of tomorrow; couples bound by a strong sense wish to plan ahead and plan without creating anxiety and distress.

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