The ages of love: What are we looking at all times?


The ages of love: What are we looking at all times?

Love! It is a word, but it has many meanings and so different that we could fill a dictionary with the result. And that only in the case of women, of course. We have resorted to science and recent studies to find out what the word “love” means that we ask as we age.

At fifteen: I do not know what I want, but I want it now

Around twelve years and seven months is the exact moment when a girl becomes a woman, come on, when you have the period for the first time (although this time is heavily influenced by our genetic inheritance and environmental factors and can vary much between a girl and another). And from that moment any woman’s hormones wake and eager to spree!

According to science at fourteen they are already quite riotous, which often leads to many tantrums with parents and complicated conflicts with the male. It is like riding an emotional roller coaster called Double Loop Inferno and gets off to jump on the Demon Triple Twist.


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We have no idea of what we want, so confusing that we can become

According to Dr. Wyndol Furman, professor of psychology at the University of Denver and author of the book “The Development of Romantic Relationships in Adolescence”, understand love in adolescence requires to understand the teen is an emotional cauldron in which the principal fuel far more than parents, friends or school and all that is generally interested in the opposite sex.

But according to Dr. Furman adolescents lack social skills and cannot control their emotions, which is not good news when it comes to maintaining a relationship and can make them really hard. Then why are we looking for? Because they are fun, they entertain us, make us company and also allow us to practice when managing our emotions.

The Dr. Reed Larson of the University of Illinois has also studied in depth the world of teenage love and one of the first things that confirm their studies is that teenagers can be happy or very unhappy about infinitely higher levels than those of adults . Especially if that emotion is associated with love. And in the words of this professional takes time for a girl to discover that a relationship is more than just a mad crush or an irresistible attraction , it is an entity in which the personalities of two people working together.

And in the meantime … we practice sex. According to the study habits of life and health in adolescents, young people’s sexuality is part of friendship, a fun and casual exchange between friends. Something to do for fun, but it is not free from the pressure of being in a gang, because it is also something to which must be subordinated to be accepted.

At twenty: I look for experience but I find experimentation

According to a study by researchers at the University of Texas, are the girls who have waited until this decade for dating and eye, lose their virginity, they are better educated, have better jobs and better relationships get in the end. It sounds very conservative, right?

They are sentimentalizes

They enjoy more freedom than ever in a plural, changing and technology-dominated world … and his conception of love runs parallel to all these continuous changes. Prima flee complications, sex without commitment, the party, not to eat the head, zapping in relationships …

In the background is all part of a process of self – knowledge. According to psychologist Jaione García “at that age already lived several sex and love experiences ranging influencing and shaping the concept of self and the idea of what the world of the couple. In many cases, the first relationships leave a residue of frustration, insecurity and lack of self – esteem that creeps”.

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But twenty are not only the stage of freedom and frenzy we imagine for that reason.

A study is also about a decade marked by terrible insecurities about our self – esteem and sexual confidence. At age twenty-five we pass our lowest personal moment, with our confidence in tatters, too obsessed with getting the perfect body or comparing ourselves with sexual acrobatics we think they do the rest. This study also emphasizes that affects us so much stress when facing a sexual relationship, especially our concern to get pregnant by accident or catch a disease through sexual transmission. If we combine all these “fears” and add to the instability of everyday life of any young woman, we arrived at the conclusion that premium plus experimentation that experience.

Until they reach 27. Until that time, according to a study by the company Opera North we can have love four times on average. And not all of Ryan Gosling! But what we really want is stability and a stable partner, a home and the possibility to plan a vacation together.

That study also concludes that 3 3% of women find their first serious and stable relationship at the age of twenty-seven.

At thirty, I want to enjoy my best

What’s more, science has determined that the thirty-four years will be in your best sexual and personal moment. Thirty is the decade of personal and professional fulfillment. Also the time of knowing oneself, be more realistic, pay more attention to emotions and be open to learning or change what is necessary. And that also affects the way we view love.

Probably in this decade you’re already living with a stable partner and you’ve got to get to where you wanted in your work. This is also the time when you will enjoy an increase, although you know that according to statistics of the European Union your salary will remain up to 20% lower than that of men.

You will travel. You know world. You’ll feel good in your skin.

According to the Durex report on sexual well-being women thirty years feel more satisfied than men (up to age 25 satisfaction levels are higher in them, and from the 34, us), begins a search more actual final couple. Not to forget the romance or spontaneity, but also value more practical aspects of the future and raise a family. According to psychologist and sexologist Carmen Raya , avoid ” low self – esteem, stay hooked to an unhealthy relationship for believing that if you cannot pass the rice” .

Also is the time when you start to obsess with being a mother, now that you feel safe, both emotionally and financially. And that can be a hurricane that puts everything upside down. Including that relationship in which you have invested so much.

At forty: I have wanted to start from the beginning

According to the National Institute of Statistics, the average age in our country for a woman decides to end her marriage is 42.8 years.

Yes, with forty also comes the desire to start again and give a new opportunity for new relationships.

And, strangely enough, also in this decade it is when better and safer we feel ‘in bikini! And the self-confidence seems to be a thing of youth, but according to a study in 2014, the interviewees felt better and safer for themselves now that they were reaching fifty when they were twenty years. And up to 36% felt more beautiful and fitter than ever. Bravo!

From the fifties: It is never too late to say, “Yes, I do.”

Good and bad news. The good: that at this age are already sure what you really want to do with your life, you’ve gotten rid of debts and finally you’ve fired mortgage, you feel safer at work and in your relationships.

The evil ones? With the arrival of menopause and the obvious signs of aging you start to become Invisible Woman.

But it is not the end of your love life. Not at all. According to a study your sex life can be richer and more interesting than in previous years, in part because they now have more time to relax and no unexpected pregnancies to worry about. This same study concluded that up to 37% of respondents mature couples made love at least once a week and 16% More!

And you will defend to the death that is never too late for love. A study in the UK found that up to 10% of singles over sixty-five was more than willing to embark on a relationship to his age. And up to 12% confessed that he was willing to try new things with your partner ever.

According to Britain’s Office for National Statistics, marriage is more popular than ever among middle – aged couples. And the number of pledged more than sixty-five years has grown in recent years to 21%. The conclusion is that more than sixty years still believe in love and we feel freer than ever to rebuild our lives.

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