5 Great Apps for College Students

5 Great Apps for College Students

Whether you’re studying to earn NEC’s forensic accounting degree or UCLA’s fine arts degree, there are a few apps that you are going to need as a college student. You may have one of those phones that is filled with pages and pages of apps, but these are the apps that need to be on your first page, and you need to be using them all the time.

These are the apps that your parents wished they had when they were going to college because it would have made their lives a whole lot easier. In the end, your phone should be a tool that is helping you get through college, not distracting you from it. Here are 5 great apps for college students.


When it comes to storing and sending files, there is no better app than Dropbox. With this app you can easily hold up to a terabyte of data for only $10/month. All you have to do is create a folder to hold your audio, video, photo or text files and you can share that file with as many or as few people as you please.

5 Great Apps for College Students


Without a doubt, every college student needs to get the Cliffsnotes app. Don’t be mistaken, it’s important to do all of your required reading, but when you are writing papers about a certain text, you want to run through the main points of the book to help you give your paper structure. Plus you can find great quotations already selected for you, which can really speed up the writing process.

iTunes U

Whether you’re studying, writing a paper, walking to class or sitting on the bus, it’s nice to be able to have something playing in your earbuds. There are a lot of places where you need to be quiet, but it can be nice to have something to listen to. With the iTunes U app, you can listen to all of the music and podcasts that you want all day long.

This app is great for those of you out there that are utterly addicted to your social media accounts. In fact, this will help you if you’re addicted to any website on the internet. When you are in lecture or when you set aside some time to study, you want to make sure that you don’t give in to temptation and check your social media accounts. Before you know it, you will be completely sucked in and you will miss out on a lot of important points during your lecture. With SelfControl, you can set a timer that will make those apps and websites inaccessible from your phone until you’re done with your studies.


If you are taking a foreign language course, then DuoLingo is a must. DuoLingo makes it easy to learn a foreign language and test your skills without the pressure of earning a grade. All you have to do is download the app and then start at your current proficiency level. You can improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, all with your phone. How cool is that?!

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